MORFICO s.r.o. was founded in 1991 as a construction company specialising in the treatment of industrial concrete floors and areas. At present, we offer a wide range of products with applications in up-to-date methods of public facilties/residential/ housing develpment and industrial constructions. By developing our own materials based on local raw materials we meet the highest quality requirements.



    The wood-cement blocks are large format wall panels designed for dry masonry, meeting all the requirements of modern construction. The positive properties of the wood used in production and the technological processes eliminating its negative properties guarantee excellent technical parameters of the walls.


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"Our work does not finish once we've sold the material..."

Training directly on construction sites or in our company

Are you interested in applying our material? We will be happy to train you for any materials directly on site or at our headquarters.

Floor assessment directly on site

Do not know what material or what song to use for that floor? We are happy to advise you on the site. Our experienced technicians will come and examine the floor right on the floor, perform tests and design the most appropriate solution.

Machinery equipment:

Do you want to apply MFC materials and lack the necessary equipment? Don't mind, we have all the equipment for MFC application and we will be happy to lend it to you either individually or with the operator.

For rent:

ABS mixer 860 - small - for pumping MFC levelling materials
ABS mixer 852 - large - for pumping MFC levelling materials
Estrich Pump - Screw for Anhydrite
ABS sander - for screed grinding
Heating unit
Concrete pump PUTZMEISTER Ø 110
Levelling test
Levelling damper 70 cm
Levelling damper 140 cm
Levelling damper 240 cm
Levelling tripod 1 pc
Table saw - IZOBLOK
Concrete roller - electric
Vibrator el. 220 V
Joints SOFF - CUTT r 125 mm
Vibrating rail 3 m
Vibrating bar 4 m

and more...

For more information, please feel free to contact our sales department: HERE