MORFICO s.r.o. was founded in 1991 as a construction company specialising in the treatment of industrial concrete floors and areas. At present, we offer a wide range of products with applications in up-to-date methods of public facilties/residential/ housing develpment and industrial constructions. By developing our own materials based on local raw materials we meet the highest quality requirements.



    The wood-cement blocks are large format wall panels designed for dry masonry, meeting all the requirements of modern construction. The positive properties of the wood used in production and the technological processes eliminating its negative properties guarantee excellent technical parameters of the walls.


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MFC Anhydrit 020 (025, 030)

Basic parameters

  • Based on: Anhydrite
  • Strength grades: 20 Mpa, 25 MPa, 30 MPa
  • Recommended layer thickness: 30 - 65 mm
  • Load: wear layer at 1 - 2 ddays, partial load at 7 days, full load at 28 days.

Product description

MFC Anhydrit 020 is fresh self-levelling coating mixture based on calcium sulphate (anhydrite), filling, additives and water. While curing the crystal structure is being created in coating; relatively big and compact crystals connect each other thus creating minimal quantity of hollow space only Thanks to such structure the anhydrite coating reaches high strength.


Anhydrite coating is used for poured levelling (grounding) floor layers aspecially at residential, civic and indiustrial buildings with operational stress up to 7,5 kN.m-2. At higher operational stresses is necessary to determine higher coat thickness, higher grade of strength and/or combination of both. Anhydrite coating is also very acceptable for floor heating systems – coating composition is homogenous in whole thickness with no need of further compaction (good heat conductivity), there is no need to dilate individual heating circuits. Anhydrite coating floors are installed with levelling of ± 2 mm.m-1 and they do not require other levelling screed fore installation of final surface layer. The whole range of flooring maeterial can be used, while observing the flooring installation regulations issued by flooring manufacturer.

We deliver with Transmix/Bremat most up-to-date equipment

 TransMix/Bremat mixing and mobile set is mainly for production of liquid coating at the construction site. It i equipped with material storage tanks, mixing set and helical pump. The fresh coatin is transported via mentioned equipment directly to intended location.

Main advantages:

  • fully automated production with exact batch processing takes care of steady coating quality
  • TransMix stays at the site for the time really needed to install coating
  • coating production and transportation is continuous, there is neither worker nor machine idle time
  • the quantity needed for particular surface is produced only - minimalization of additional cost
  • immediate consumption supervision on the spot 
  • minimal requirements to the construction site equipment


 We cover almost whole Czech and Slovak Republic...

We cover map with four points of alert: Tišnov u Brna, Praha - Modletice, Hradec Králové a Senec u Bratislavy!

Quantity is no challenge to us...

At the meantime we already have seven fully equipped sets on hand, with daily output reaching more than 210 m?!

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